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Helping you meet your aesthetic goals is simple. Each client has different desires and expectations. It’s important to remember that the opportunities to meet your aesthetic goals is infinite. Here, we start with the world’s most amazing canvas and produce the most beautiful result; A GLOWING YOU!

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"So happy with my results! Atira has a gentle touch and we got the exact look that I wanted. Loving my lips."-Kim J.

“I wasn’t sure about IV hydration but I’m hooked. I felt so much better afterwards. I’ll definitely be back.” Tamika W.

“Down 10 pounds with the weight loss program. Answering the model call and starting this new path was a great decision. Excited for my upcoming treatments!” Vanessa F.

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How Did We Get Here

Mrs. Casey is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner practicing in Northwest Ohio. She began her career in skilled nursing/long-term care. While earning her Bachelor’s Degree in nursing she worked with trauma, respiratory, and vascular patients in intermediate care. From here Mrs. Casey transitioned to caring for patients requiring a Progressive level of care. Her love for helping patients become their best selves lead to obtaining her Masters of Science in Nursing. Atira began her CNP practice as a Hospitalist NP and offered care to a variety of patients while also training in aesthetics. Her current practice focuses on aesthetic care including but not limited to botox, IV hydration, dermal fillers, medical weight loss, and mesotherapy.

Why Infinite Glow

Infinite Glow fosters an environment where you are heard. The world is full of individuals with very specific needs. Infinite Glow is committed to offering services that are safe, high-quality, and tailored to your wellness and aesthetic needs. Infinite Glow offers unlimited possibilities to meet your beauty expectations. Here your options to GLOW are INFINITE!

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